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Från Europa till USA

This service is for you if you have thought... 

 "We know it is time for us to enter the U.S. market,
but need an on-the-ground team."

"We want to grow in the U.S. while maintaining full control and ownership."

"We want to succeed internationally while still being able to focus on our home market."

With GTMUSA as your local team, you...

Have a team of skilled workers identify leads and close deals with and for you
Have people locally to handle long-term relations and after-sales services
Work with a Nordic-American team that handles all your day-to-day operations

After going through “Product-Market Fit Validation” and/or “Legal, Admin, Risk Assessment” or already having been in the US for a while, we will suggest this service. It means that our team takes on the role of your “employee” in the US, which means that you can develop your company in the U.S. faster, at a lower cost and risk, and with less strain on your organization at home. Compared to hiring a single person to take care of your establishment, we can offer a team of competent employees who work simultaneously to achieve success for you.

What Is Included? 

In this phase, we take care of everything related to your business in the U.S., which means that you do not have to spend much time on anything other than your core business at home. Depending on your situation, this may mean:

  • Development and implementation of correct market entry strategy

  • Set-up and management of pilot projects

  • Initiation and execution of sales activities

  • Marketing

  • Follow-up with leads and paying customers

  • Development and updating of strategy - continuous

  • Coordination of administrative tasks and experts

  • Responsibility for running your daily operations in the country

  • Establishment of U.S. mailing address


How Does GTMUSA Add Value to Your Expansion? 

First, we set common goals for the collaboration and build a project plan for your establishment in the U.S. Then, we carry out the activities that we have decided together are important in order to succeed in achieving the goals we have set. We then utilize our position in California to make setting-up easier and faster for you. With direct access to a widespread network, many years of experience, and a deep understanding of both American and Nordic cultures, we ensure that you succeed - without having to be present. When we help you find leads and take it from pilots to customers, we always do it as part of your team - we are your representatives on-site in the U.S. This means that even after you have been there and met with customers or partners, we will be able to help you keep them warm also when you are not here.

How Are the Results Delivered? 

When we work together in this phase, we will make sure that you come out on the market with your product or service. The result will be to create interest and sales, and at the same time take care of all support services around so that the company is managed properly so that you eventually become completely independent.

Sample Agenda

Step 1  |  Market Insights

Parts of this step might have been covered earlier in our collaboration during the pre-expansion stages. But the qualitative market research, in direct contact with industry experts and potential partners and clients, is a continuously ongoing activity and all-new insights will be taken into consideration when evaluating strategic key take-aways in your go-to-market approach.


Step 2  |  Strategy Development

In this step, we create the first outlines of a go-to-market strategy, business plan, and organizational set-up. Based upon your company’s capacity, your preferences, and the discovered market dynamics, we develop a plan to go to market. There are alternative routes (agents, distributors, licensing, U.S. subsidiary, etc.), and together we will evaluate the most beneficial option for you and your company. Often this step involves a deepened dialogue with selected partners and customers to set up a framework for future collaborations.


Step 3  |  Tactics Execution

As your U.S. Business Development and Sales Team, we will execute on the agreed action plan and build the foundation for growth with the initial pilot projects and first sales. In this step, we will often focus on creating revenue and key partnerships for future growth. Successful pilots and early revenue is important in order to attract strategic investors and partners, enabling a sustainable runway budget. Additionally, this step often includes hiring the first employee and setting up the company, admin-support services, and the operational facilities such as office  and logistics.


Step 4  |  Creating Growth

In order to reach success nationwide through organic growth, distribution partners, licensing agreements or joint-ventures, we will continue to mobilize, expand and improve the operational presence. At times, this can be a good stage to hand over the U.S. operations to your own local management, and we step into an advisory role. The actions in this step often requires a strong budget and we can support in facilitating U.S.-based financing opportunities.


Steps 5  |  Hand-over and/or Exit

Depending on what strategy you and your company have, we can help you reach your goals. This might be the stage where the U.S. entity is consolidated into a nationwide joint-venture, or when it is acquired and merged into a larger corporate structure and GTMUSA will step back to a smaller role.

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