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Från Europa till USA

This service is for you if you have thought... 

 "The U.S. market looks interesting
but isn't it very risky?"

"Do I need to deal with all legal and accounting issues by myself?"

"What are the certificates I need and what standards do I have to follow? "

Completing this service, you can expect to...

Be in a position where you feel confident about the challenges present in the U.S.
Know how to best overcome them by being proactive and knowledgeable
Be introduced to the various administrative experts who will support you in this process

Many companies experience an expansion to the United States as a risky project, which of course can be true. But that should not stop you. This service aims to provide you with security, help you understand your circumstances, and get to know the rules and laws that apply in the U.S. By meeting and talking with experts in these areas, you can get advice from the right people, and you also have the opportunity to start building long-term relationships with them.

What Is Included? 

We coordinate and set up pre-vetted meetings with, for example:

  • Corporate lawyer, who can help you with questions regarding company formation and the like

  • Insurance representative, who explains and evaluates your company from a variety of insurance perspectives, including liability insurance needs

  • IP expert, who investigates the need for and/or status of patents and possible infringements

  • Regulatory experts, who can identify and guide you to the certificates and/or tests needed

  • Finance expert/accountant, who helps with financial and tax-related issues regarding corporate formation or sales in the U.S.

  • HR expert, who can provide assistance or advice in case you want to hire staff in the country

We also plan and help you make a trip to the U.S. and California. For three days we hold meetings with various experts as above to make it easier for you to understand and feel safe with all these important elements and aspects that surround the core business.


How Does GTMUSA Add Value to Your Expansion? 

We use our network, our credibility and our local presence to book the right meetings with the right people. When it comes to experts in legal or administrative matters, we already have established contacts that we have worked with previously, whom we trust, and whom we know will do a good job for you. In cases where we need to identify contacts with some unique expertise, we will help you allocate them, with good references. We also assist in preparing for the meetings and accompany you to them. Once you have left the country we can help you by being your contact person for these relations, given that we have continued cooperation.


How Are the Results Delivered? 

After meetings and trips, we will compile what we have come up with and what we think you should bring with you to ensure that an expansion to the U.S. can be done with relatively little risk if you do your homework. We will also do a short evaluation on our part to be able to recommend the next step.

Sample Agenda

Week 1  |  Introduction    

We have our first weekly meeting via Zoom and work through the project plan together and set common goals for the coming weeks. This includes deciding which contacts are most important to you at this stage and thus where the main focus should be placed.

Week 2-4/5  |  Pre-Visit Work and Research

GTMUSA identifies individuals and organizations that can contribute with the right skills for you to help reduce your risk and assure you that you are in safe hands. We talk to these contacts, who in most cases we have had very close relationships with for a long time, to make sure that they are relevant to your company and your goals. We then set up telephone/video meetings with them to introduce them to you. All progress and/or any challenges along the way are communicated to you continuously through weekly meetings.

Week 5-6  |  On Location In California

At this stage, we suggest a visit to California to experience the American working climate for real and sit down with these experts so you can have feedback directly from them. For about three days we have booked meetings with a handful of contacts in the areas we have previously identified. Beyond so, we set aside time to sit in our office in Irvine where we together can summarize our work so far to see what conclusions can be drawn. If possible, we also try to combine this visit with a conference or fair within your industry.

In addition, of course, we spend time experiencing exciting California and Orange County with nearby gems such as Newport Beach and Laguna Beach (where we also recommend staying during this time). Both Los Angeles and San Diego are just over an hour away and tend to be popular destinations among our visitors.

Week 6-7  |  Conclusion

With you back in Sweden, GTMUSA summarizes all meetings, contacts, impressions, and future recommendations in a short presentation that is shared with you for distribution internally with the idea that it can be used as a first decision basis for continued US efforts.

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