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Build and Grow Your U.S. Business.

We are your Nordic partner with hands-on expertise in how to expand or establish your business in the United States market.

U.S. Expansion Done Right

GoToMarketUSA helps your Nordic company, whether it's an established business or a startup, build or grow your presence in the U.S. We match you to the typical market stages shown below, then evaluate whether to grow solo, with distribution partners, licensing agreements, or joint ventures. 

Why Work With Us?

When you work with GoToMarketUSA, you hire a Nordic-American team based in the U.S. with experience and resources to develop and implement hands-on strategy. We partner to help you drive revenue early with lower risk and transparent pricing, while you can focus on developing your company in Sweden.

Don't just take our word for it, hear
what our clients say!

"GoToMarketUSA gets things done and they can perform tasks that we cannot do as efficiently from Sweden. Thanks to the time and effort they have put in, they have helped us create a lot of valuable meetings and business contacts in the U.S."

Leif Eriksson

Global Key Account Manager, Alelion Energy Systems AB

We Help Nordic Companies Succeed in The U.S.

We tailor our solutions to target your specific needs and objectives. Whether it is to learn more about the U.S., establish your company, grow in the U.S., or secure funding we are here to help you - regardless of your size. Which company type are you?

You are currently doing business
in the U.S. and want to grow
or expand. 

You are an established Nordic company exploring your options for U.S. operations.

You are an innovative startup
company with international aspirations. 

News And Updates

Read the latest stories on our clients' success, GoToMarketUSA events, the U.S. market, and learn expansion tips and tricks from our industry experts. 

Why The U.S.?

For companies that may be reaching their home market limit potential, international expansion is a must to grow. The U.S. market can help you secure your future success, and it should be a priority.

The U.S. is such a historically large market that it has been the world’s largest economy since 1871. Current trends show it is expected to remain strong over the next few years.  Overall, the country is still relatively free of quotas and non-tariff barriers, it is open to imports, and has well-developed distribution channels to customers. Together with its massive size and growth potential, the U.S. is therefore a lucrative market for foreign companies and should be prioritized as such.