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Our Services.

How we help companies - from start to finish

Our Solutons

Solutions For Every Expansion Need

We always customize our client approaches. However, based on our experience, the objectives of our clients usually align with one of the below sample services.

Are you in the early stage of internationalization and want to know more? Market Exploration options might suit you well!

Have you made a decision to enter or grow in the U.S. market? Market Entry and Growth services could be what you need!

Do you need help financing your company?
You can find this and more under Other Services! 

Market Exploration

U.S. Market Exploration

U.S. Market Exploration services serve the purpose of preparing you and your company for a potential expansion by providing the insight necessary to make a decision. You will learn more about the market and what opportunities there are, the risks and challenges associated with it, and everything else you need in order to make a sound expansion decision. It helps you make sure you enter the market with all knowledge necessary and severely lowers your risk level.

Business Brainstorming
Market Exploration

This is perfect for companies that need further input on whether or not expanding to the U.S. is right. There is no need to be fully ready for an expansion. 

 "The U.S. market looks interesting
but we don't know much about it"

This is your chance to, without prior knowledge:

  • Understand how the U.S. market would receive your product

  • Learn what you need to work on to enter the market most successfully

  • Receive feedback that can help you create a better product for your home market

Image by Cristofer Jeschke
Market Exploration

This option suits companies that have heard unsuccessful stories about the U.S. market and the challenges that exist. They might think:

 "The U.S. market looks interesting
but isn't it 
very risky?"

Upon completion of this service, you will:

  • Be in a position where you feel confident about the challenges present in the U.S.

  • Know how to best overcome them by being proactive and knowledgeable

  • Be introduced to the various experts who will support you in this process

Market Entry

U.S. Market Entry and Growth

U.S. Market Entry and Growth services are revenue-generating activities that help you take your product or service to the U.S. market in the most efficient way. Usually, this is done by selling your solution under your own name or license it to someone else. Both options have their pros and cons, but regardless of your choice, you will have the benefit of utilizing our local team as your U.S. representative.

Giving a Presentation
Market Entry/Growth

This revenue-generating option is for companies that want to enter the U.S., maintaining full control of the business, but are very busy on their home market.


“We know it is time for us to enter and grow in the U.S. market, but need an on-the-ground team.”


Working with us as your local representative, you:

  • Have a team of skilled workers identify leads and close deals with and for you

  • Have people locally to handle long-term relations and after-sales services

  • Work with a Nordic-American team that handles all your day-to-day operations

Image by Cytonn Photography
Market Entry/Growth

Licensing is a little-known, revenue-generating option for those who want to explore the U.S. with lower risk while maintaining control. 


 "We have a strong patent and proven concept that we think U.S. partners would benefit from."

These services will help you:

  • Learn more about and understand the opportunities related to licensing

  • Work closely with our licensing experts that will put you in a position to succeed

  • Get introduced, familiarized, and pitch to financing opportunities

Other Services
Which Route Is Right For You? 

Many companies know that the U.S. market is the ultimate goal for them, but sometimes they wonder if they are ready to enter the market or even start exploring it. Don't worry, you're not alone - and no one can know before trying... We bring you through our proven step-by-step process and prioritize your resources where they are needed the most. Instead of spending a large budget on the unknown, let us guide you to success in a controlled way.

Access the U.S. market earlier than you thought was possible 

It is common among companies to think that they cannot access the market while still in the product development phase. On the contrary, we believe, and know, that it is highly beneficial to start evaluating the market and its opportunities early in order to implement pilot projects and make changes and improvements as suggested by the market. We cannot stress this enough so here it is again: 


It is highly beneficial, if not crucial, to start evaluating the market and its opportunities early in order to implement pilot projects and make changes and improvements as suggested by feedback from the market. 


This is a typical trait of a Lean Startup approach, which we have embraced and utilized from our early days. With a lean startup approach, you minimize the risks associated with entering a new market by making sure you receive feedback, direct from the market, at an early stage. We help you identify the opportunities - as well as challenges - in the market before “going all in”, which saves you money and time.

We help companies enter the U.S. market from start to finish 

Different companies are in different stages of their respective expansion processes, and their previous international business experience may vary greatly. Therefore, we tailor our services to target our clients’ particular needs so that, regardless of their current status, we can help them achieve their goals. Whether it is early-stage research or full-on expansion, we customize and develop a market entry project based on your resources, budget, and time. 

Other Services

Some services are not directly related to the operational aspect of exploring the market or entering it, but we still help you with these, for example, financing. 

Image by Pepi Stojanovski
Other Services

Financing and licensing are usually tightly connected and an interesting option for those who want to explore the U.S. with lower risk while maintaining control. 


 "We want to enter the U.S. but need support finding an investor to give us the runway needed."

These services will help you:

  • Develop high-return on intellectual assets with a low-risk based on an existing IP asset

  • Establish a market presence to increase a company’s market share or its profit margins

  • Increase the company value in order to attract capital and growth opportunities

Missing something? 

We deal with many different requests and tailored services on a daily basis. Actually, most of the services that we provide are customized to fit the very specific needs of our clients. Contact us for a free consultation where we can together understand what we should do to help you succeed in the U.S.

What Should You Choose?
Client Cases

Client Cases

These are some of our most recent sample case studies. If you want further information on any of the cases, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate.

Cleantech Market Exploration​ Case

Image by Zbynek Burival
Client Solution: Energy Storage

The client was very interested in taking its solution to the U.S. market but being in the energy storage industry, there was great uncertainty regarding the actual opportunities present. 



Understanding the industry landscape and the market dynamics, involving a variety of players including everything from small private end-users, to dominant organizations such as the state government and some of the largest utilities in the country.



We soon decided to build a market insight platform in close collaboration with the company’s sales- and business development team. It resulted in a first strategy outline, with tactics structured around:

  • Establishing relations with key technology developers and integrators

  • Evaluating and researching the product market fit in eight selected market segments

  • Developing a product application framework for possible business cases in the region

  • Connections to key market stakeholders

  • Securing MoUs with selected project partners

  • Finding grant opportunities connected to certain market segments and geographical regions

Medtech Market Growth​ Case

Cleantech Market Entry​ Case

Loading Cargo
Client Solution: Lithium-Ion Batteries

After taking this project through the first step (gathering insight), GTMUSA was tasked to develop a successful market entry strategy appropriate for the client’s industry and its goals. This included to adapt the client’s business model based on previous findings, decide on an appropriate commercialization design, suggest a U.S. team and key partners, and develop a ready-to-implement sales and marketing strategy.


Develop strategic U.S. market entry roadmap and business plan for a company without its own personnel being present in the U.S., making sure that the client still would succeed.


As a result of these efforts, great teamwork, transparent communication with the client, and an outstanding product, together we:

  • Executed tactics for market segment entries

  • Established relations in geographic locations

  • Decided on a product strategy and positioning

  • Evaluated and determined price levels

  • Adapted marketing strategies for sales channels

  • Outlined a first distributor sales strategy

  • Secured the first distributor agreement

  • Established a demo project with a distributor

Cleantech Market Entry​ Case

Image by sandro porfirio
Client Solution: Radiation Dosimetry

There was a need to establish a business development and sales team to approach the market with an updated product and improved messaging. There was also a need to develop new distribution and agent relations in order to secure local account management and support.



Support with acceleration and growth actions for a partner with an existing presence on the U.S. market, in connection to the launch of an updated product model.



Thanks to an excellent partnership and early allocated partners in the U.S., the client together with GTMUSA has:

  • Secured a product-specific marketing expert and improved the messaging and value proposition

  • Defined new market segments

  • Identified new points of entry

  • Created new revenue streams

  • Established numerous new partnerships with U.S. companies

  • Increased sales revenue 3-4 times

Image by Gunnar Ridderström
Cleantech Case: Robotic Lawn Mower System

The client needed help with entering the U.S. Market and especially: Register U.S. entity, establish a local presence, build the G&A team, secure and execute pilot projects, and execute on market entry strategy. 


After gathering substantial market insight and deciding how to enter the market, the client wanted to establish a U.S. Inc., implement the entry strategy, setting up pilots, and driving sales with a little-known service in a market due for disruption. 



Thanks to an excellent partnership and early allocated partners in the U.S., the client together with GTMUSA has:

  • Planned, organized and executed as the U.S. Team

  • Established key relations for demo projects

  • Secured local service and sales partnerships

  • Clarified value proposition in ROI for product users based on local parameters and conditions

  • Planned and exhibited at a local trade show

  • Registered U.S. Inc. and arranged Insurance

  • Developed marketing and sales material for the local market

  • Built relations with U.S. investors and business partners

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