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Other Services: Financing

Find trusted licensee partners, generate revenue with low risk
This service is for you if you have thought... 

"We are ready to enter the U.S. but are looking for funding from external sources."

"We think our products qualify for grants in the U.S. and want to explore those options."

"We want access to venture capitalists in the U.S. that might be interested in our solution."

When completing this service, we help you to...

Create a sustainable runway for your U.S. market entry strategy
Find strategic investors that can add value to your company’s global strategy
Build a term sheet that will prepare and strengthen your options in future rounds

The U.S. and California provide access to a variety of investors and funding opportunities. The U.S. market entry process will require strong financial resources, and GTMUSA supports you in preparing and finding the right partner. Whether you are in need of a seed investor, strategic investor, or a strictly financial VC, we have contacts and access to networks that can secure your runway needs. For California based cleantech and sustainability focused businesses, the state also offer ample grant opportunities

What Is Included? 

Depending on your timeframe and capital needs, this service may include activities such as:

  • Structure a financing strategy based on your needs

  • Support with market insights to build a strong pitch deck, based on global and U.S. opportunities

  • Research and evaluate investor opportunities, and establish contact

  • Support and connect with local legal advisors, experienced from term sheets and negotiations

How Does GTMUSA Add Value to Your Expansion? 

Direct access to investors, networks, and legal advisors that fit into your strategic goals in a long-term perspective.


How Are the Results Delivered? 

We provide investor guidance and introductions via online meetings, or in face-to-face settings. We will also connect you to selected and trusted legal advisors.

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