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Market Entry: Licensing

Find trusted licensee partners, generate revenue with low risk
This service is for you if you have thought... 

 "We have a strong IP and would like to utilize it to generate revenue quickly."

"We would like to enter the U.S. market
with the lowest risk possible."

"We want to enter the U.S. market but are very busy with work on our home market."

This service will help you...

Develop high-return on intellectual assets with a low-risk based on an existing IP asset
Establish a market presence to increase your company’s market share or its profit margins
Increase the company value in order to attract capital and growth opportunities

Revenue streams from licensing intellectual property is one of the fastest and safest ways of growing and expanding a business, and has yet to be fully utilized by Nordic companies with a strong IP who wish to create low-risk revenue in the U.S. We will support you with advice and guidance through our licensing process, creating insights about the opportunities available for your specific IP.

What Is Included? 

The focus is aimed towards understanding the potential of your IP, and guide you to manage and utilize it to its fullest potential. Depending on your company’s status and vision, this may include services such as:

  • Structure a U.S. specific strategy based on your IP-portfolio’s requirements

  • Research and evaluate licensing opportunities

  • Establish contact with potential partners within selected segments

  • Forecast and optimize licensing scenarios and potential revenue streams

How Does GTMUSA Add Value to Your Expansion? 

We will open up a variety of licensing opportunities to create value around your IP, with the goal of turning it into one of your major revenue streams.

How Are the Results Delivered? 

We provide licensing opportunities and guidance through the selection/approval process, leading to support through negotiations, and management of ongoing licensees to control and boost royalty success.

Sample Structure

Week 1-2  |  Introduction

Initially we set-up an IP opportunity evaluation in order to understand the strength of your IP. When it is confirmed that all needed attributes are fulfilled, we have our first project meeting and work through the activity plan together, deciding the way forward and setting our common goals.


Week 3-24  |  Opportunity Research

During the initial months, we perform a sales outreach in selected market segments to secure license relationships including identification of prospective licensees. We also perform early negotiation with potential licensees and presentation of licensing opportunities to the Nordic client for approval.


Week 25-32  |  Negotiations and Signing

This phase is focused on legal services related to the licensing program, including the development of a standard form license agreement, and negotiation and drafting of license agreements.


Week 33-Onward  |  Management and Revenue Collection

After securing the licensing agreement, we support with management to collect royalty payments due from licensees, confirming the accuracy of royalty reporting, and recommendations for a royalty payment auditing program (if needed). In the long term, we support with management of the ongoing relationships between the client and its licensees to maximize the success of the licensees business.

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