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Azelio’s Energy Storage Shown to Be Significantly More Sustainable Than Lithium-Ion Batteries

At GoToMarketUSA, we focus on sustainability and are excited to work with innovative GreenTech companies. Our client Azelio offers an energy storage system (TES.POD) with significantly less climate impact than that of lithium-ion battery storage and dramatically less than that of diesel generators. This is concluded in a Life Cycle Assessment made by the state-owned Swedish research institute RISE to determine Azelio’s TES.POD’s global CO2-equivalent emission during its entire lifetime.

The TES.POD is a long-duration energy storage solution that can be an important part of the California energy market, enabling a reliable power supply from renewable sources. GoToMarketUSA has been collaborating with Azelio since 2019, assessing opportunities in the Californian market.

Read Azelio's full press release here:

Thermal Energy Storage © Azelio



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