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Azelio Signs MoU With Trimark Associates for Energy Storage Projects Across North America

GoToMarketUSA's client, Azelio, continues its introduction to the US market through the signing of an MoU with Trimark Associates. With its expertise in power system controls Trimark will integrate Azelio’s long-duration storage in energy projects. The first projects are targeting 150 kW in 2021, followed by 3 MW in 2022, 6 MW in 2023, 12 MW in 2024, and 24 MW in 2025. The aim of the collaboration with Azelio is to position Trimark as a regional partner for the integration of Azelio’s long-duration storage in renewable energy projects within North America.

GoToMarketUSA has been collaborating with Azelio since 2019, assessing opportunities in the Californian greentech market. GoToMarketUSA was responsible for introducing Trimark and Azelio.

Thermal Energy Storage © Azelio

Read Azelio's full press release here:

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