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RLCS Provides Green Lawn Mowing Solutions to California

At GoToMarketUSA, we are proud to work hard with our amazing clients to help them succeed in the US. Among other things, this means that we handle much of the work on site in the US on behalf of them to make it easier for those who mainly do business in Sweden or Europe.

Here is an example of when Linus Andersson recently in July represented one of our clients RLCS in San José visiting Evergreen Valley High School. Together with AGZA, we presented their solution to replace fossil fuel-powered ride-on mowers with a fleet of RLCS-modified Husqvarna robotic lawnmowers.

It was a very successful meeting and it is so inspiring to see companies and organizations in California prioritize and see the value in reducing emissions and creating better work environments for employees and school students.

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More information about Robotic Lawn Care Systems:


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